Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Bulletin Recipe: March issue

Healthy and Beauty Quinoa Pilaf

Check out my recipe  on The Bulletine Magazine website Click♡
げっぽう The Bulletine Magazine のサイトはここをクリック♡

Ingredients   (2 serving): 

Quinoa                                            150g
Bacon                                            2 slices
Kale                                              1/2 leaf
Beets                                                1/2
Celery                                               1
Clam                                               8-10

☆water                                            380cc
☆Sake                                             2 table spoon
☆Consomme cube                                1
☆Salt/ Pepper                                  1 pinch
☆Butter                                           15g

Step 1: Add 50cc of water and sake in a small pot, and steam the clams and kale with mid heat. When the clams are open, separate the soup and kale/clam and let it sit.

Step 2: Melt butter in a pan, panfry bacon and other vegetables.

Step 3: Add Quinoa in the Step 2 and mix well. Add water, clam soup, and consommé cube.

Step 4: Let it cook with lid on for 13 -15 min,  remove from the heat and let it sit for 10 min to steam.

Step 5: Add kale and salt/ pepper in the pan and mix well.  Serve with Clams and lemon♡


キヌア               150g
ベーコン(5mmに切る)       2枚
ケール (5mmに切る)      1/2枚
赤ビーツ(みじん切り)      1/2個
セロリ (みじん切り)       1本
二枚貝 (クラム)        8−10貝

水               380cc
酒               大さじ2
固形コンソメ           1個
☆塩こしょう            少々
バター              15g






お米と違い、キヌアはよくサラダに使われているので、冷めても美味しいです♪ お弁当や、パーティーにもオススメです。

Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Bazaar by Jose Andres

The restaurant which first caught my eye was "The Bazaar by Jose Andres". I was checking many of the food blogs and websites at the hotel, and a lot of people recommend this place. Yes… I really think the experience at The Bazaar was amazing and I would recommend every foodies to visit this place.

ホテルで、お夕飯に行くレストランを2つ決めるためにレストランをリサーチ。LAで、一番人気はやはりこのレストラン、The Bazaar by Jose Andresです。どの食べ物のブログでも紹介されており、1日目のお夕飯のレストランに決定!

My server was an awesome lady, and she was very knowledgeable about food and drinks. I really enjoyed listening to her recommendations. The interior there was very unique. My table had a little monkey ornament with romantic red lights. My seat was right in front of their open kitchen and I could enjoy the view of chefs cooking in the kitchen =)


I ordered most of the servers's recommendation. Picture above is Beef tartare with their home made kimchi  crackers and fried capers. The beef tartar was pretty light taste and I really liked the chewy texture of the fresh beef they used. Kimchi crachers was very light, crunchy but also fluffy =)


This is THE famous Jose Andre's "Philly cheesesteak"! Air bread filled with light cheddar mouse, and wagyu beef slices on top of the bread.  After a bite, I was like…."no wonder this dish is very popular…". Well balanced taste with fatty and melty wagyu beef and the light and cheesy mouse. It is a MUST TRY dish when you visit Los Angeles!!

これが、あの有名な『フィリーチーズステーキ』!どこのサイトを見ても、この料理がオススメと書いてあります。一口食べたら、その理由がわかります♪ パフのなかには、チェダーチーズのムースが入っていて、上には今アメリカで大人気の霜降り和牛のスライスが。

I had a sip of red wine after a bit of this philly cheesesteak… perfectly matched just like Mickey and Minnie Mouse or Daisy and Donald Duck couple♡… and I become a huge fan of Jose Andre!


This is a Fermin Platter (Meat platter) with assortment of all three: Jamon Serrabo Fermin (Dry cured ham), Jamon Iberico Fermin (Dry cured free range Iberico ham), and Jamon Iberico De Bellota Fermin(Acorn-fed, free-range Iberico ham). This dish comes with a home made toast with fresh tomato sauce. 


This is American Aturgeon Caviar Cone for two. The cheddar mouse from Philly cheesesteak was filled in the bottom of this cone. I really enjoyed the piping texture of the fresh Cavier.

キャビアコーンと呼ばれているこの上の料理は、固いクラッカーのようなコーンの中にフィリーチーズステーキの中に入っていたチェダームースとキャビアが詰まったゴージャスな料理。ワインのお供に、ちびちびといただきました♪ キャビアのプチプチの食感がたまらない!料理オタクの、幸せな冬休みのスタートを飾る、最高のレストランでした♡

After the meal at The Bazaar,

Jose Andres > Cristiano Ronaldo

To be continue...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Los Angeles Trip

I went home around 12 am from the Fausto Family Christmas Party…. and I caught a flight to Los Angeles at 6 am!! I only got 3 days for my christmas vacation and I didn't want to stay in my city so I planned a short trip to LA. 

The city is totally different from Vancouver, and I could escape from winter there. I stayed at the Westin hotel and the view from my room was soooo America! As soon as I got hotel, I researched popular restaurants in LA... I was so ready to enjoy my vacation =) 

ダウンタウンのウェスティンホテルに滞在しました。景色は、ザ•アメリカな感じw ホテルについて、早速恒例のレストランリサーチ♡ お夕飯のレストランを2つ、ランチのレストランを3つ。。。私の人生で一番苦労する時間です!

My first meal in LA was mexican lunch because my best friend mark said "If you go to LA, you must try mexican food". Mark… You Are So Right! There are lots of mexican restaurant in LA and I enjoyed a cheap and good meal there. After having a meal at Restaurante Guelaguetza, I wanted to visit Cancun again♡

初日のランチに選んだのは、メキシコ料理!『LA行ったらメキシカン食べなよ♪』と親友マークに言われたので、人気のRestaurante Guelaguetzaと言うお店でランチタイム。カンクーン旅行を思い出してメキシコに行きたくなりました♪ 

Alambres: Tasajo (beef), sauteed with onions, bell peppers and melted oaxacan cheese string served on corn tortillas
Pechuga de Pollo Enchilada: Chile-marinated fried or grilled chicken breast. Served with rice, black beans and green salad

This "Shinsengumi" Ramen place was top-rated ramen restaurant in LA so I went there to give a try. I had to line up for 30 min to get a seat… I didn't know people in U.S. like to line up for a bowl of ramen just like Asians.

LAでラーメン?と言う方もいるかもしれませんが、2日目のランチは新撰組さんのラーメン!そうです。二日酔いだったのですw なんと、30分の列がっ!バンクーバーではできない経験をしました。

Unlike ramen place in Vancouver, so many options to pick for a bowl of ramen.  You will be asked to make choices: hardness of the noodles, thickness and richness of the soup base, and the toppings. 

日本であまり、ラーメンを食べた経験がない私。カナダのラーメン屋さんには、無いシステムがありました。席に着いたら、まず注文用紙をわたされました。麺の固さ、スープの濃さ、油の量、トッピングなど、チョイスがありすぎて混乱してしました♪ でも、楽しかったです。

It was fun experience to have a ramen in Los angeles. The hakata ramen was pretty good especially after 30min of line up =)

To be continued...

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!

Long time no see!! As last year, my industry was very busy in the end of year... and unfortunately I had no time to update my blog… but I took a lot of my cooking pictures so I'm going to update little by little =)


For the first update, I will talk about how I spent my Christmas and my X'mas vacation. I joined several Christmas party including my company party. Dress up a bit more and enjoyed a lot of food and cocktails at Westin hotel =) 

今回は、クリスマスについて書きたいとおもいます♪ 今年は、会社のクリスマス会などがたくさんありました。少しおしゃれをして、ホテルで美味しいバッフェとカクテルをいただきました。挨拶まわりなどで、美味しいお料理の写真はとれませんでした。とほほぉ。

On the 25th Christmas day, I joined my god sister Ryoko's family Christmas party in Surrey. Ryoko's husband is from a huge philippino-canadian family and I join their party every year with my brother. For potluck, my brother made a Japanese pancake called "Okonomi-yaki" and it was one of the most popular dish at the party!


Ryoko's family got a whole pig!! Ryoko told me that whole pig is very famous dish for party in Philippine. The skin was very crispy and tasty just like Bejin-duck. They had a special vinaigrette sauce to enjoy the pig. It helps to make the pig lighter and less oily taste. 


Ryoko was wearing ugly christmas sweater, Mia was wearing santa costume, so I was wearing snow flake sweater with Elsa hair from Frozen =)

Mia and her cousin was a little santa and a little elf♡ They were too adorable… My brother was taking care of them as he always did back in Japan. 

美亞が、1ヶ月違いの親戚の男の子と遊んでいる感じがたまりません!兄は、この2人の面倒をみていましたw 私が日本にいた頃から、兄のポジションが変わってないようです。

 The Fausto family Cousin's Secret Santa was soo fun! I got a fancy candle light and my brother got a wireless cellphone charger. The shopping part was the worst though… I had 4 secret santa this year and  I got a box for my parents in Japan… Yes, I'm broke now!


 This is the FAUSTO FAMILY!!! too many people with different age, races, and families…But we along like a blood-related family =)  I really wanna learn Philippino cooking from aunties =)

これが、その FAUSTOファミリーです!何人いるんだろうw 私も兄もイベントごとに参加しているので、もう家族の一員のようなかんじですw 美亞が空を飛んでいるのが、わかるかなぁ。

To be Continue...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Check out my recipe  on The Bulletine Magazine website Click♡

How was my fluffy and crunchy meat ball hot pot? Hope you all enjoyed it! Here is other ways of using the meat balls from the hot pot recipe. This food is called "Tsukune" and a lot of people enjoy it with 2 styles, Salt/Lemon or Teriyaki. If you got left over meat ball ingredients from the hot pot,  please give a try =)  

ふわふわコリコリつくね鍋はどうでしたかぁ?楽しんでいただけたら嬉しいです♪お肉とは思えない感覚の胃もたれしないつくねなので、焼いても美味しいんです!お弁当や、丼物、おつまみにも最高なので試してください♡ 簡単な2種類のタレのレシピも書いておきます♪
Only thing you have to do is 3 steps! Step 1: Pan fry the meat balls, Step 2: Seasoning on the frying pan, and Step 3: Present on a plate and ready to eat!! It taste better is you use sesame oil to cook the meat balls! =)

簡単3ステップです!1:焼く、2:味付け、そして3:盛りつけです♪ ごま油を使って焼くと香ばしく仕上がります。
Salt/ Lemon Seasoning: Salt 1/3 tea spoon, Minced garlic 1/2, Sesame oil 1 tea spoon, lemon  塩レモン味;塩 小1/3、ニンニクみじん切り 1/2、胡麻油 小1、レモン
Teriyaki Seasoning: Soy sauce 1 table spoon, Mirin 1 table spoon, Sugar 1/2 teaspoon  照り焼き味: 醤油 大1、みりん 大1、砂糖 小1/2

My friend send me a cooked report of my hot pot recipe with a picture!! Thanks Maria♡
最後に、カナダのお友達マリアからの、つくれぽが届いたので紹介します♪ 美味しそう♡


Perfect 3 steps meal♡

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Bulletin Recipe: November issue

Fluffy and Crunchy Meat ball Hot Pot

Check out my recipe  on The Bulletine Magazine website Click♡

Ingredients   (2-3 serving): 

Fluffy and Crunchy Meat ball (about 15 balls)
Minced Chicken                            150g
Chicken gizzard                             150g
Green onion (chopped)                     2-3
Soft tofu (firm is fine)                    140g
Grated Garlic                 1 table spoon
Grated Ginger                1 table spoon
Potato starch                     1.5 tea spoon
(you can use flour instead)
Salt                                   1/2 tea spoon

Soup (Pot for 3-4 people)
water                                      1000cc
Sake                                            100cc
Mirin                                1 table spoon
Grated Garlic                 1  tea spoon
Ginger                                      50g
(julienne, cut into thin strip)
Japanese Dashi pack                     1 pack
( or Powder dashi/ hondashi       1 tea spoon)
Chicken stock (powder)              1 tea spoon

*add white sesame/ dried chilli if you like

Pick your favourite veggies, meats, and seafood to make your own hot pot. I recommend mushrooms, cabbage, and asian chives for this soup.


鶏ひき肉(皮付き)         150g
砂肝                150g
万能ネギ              2−3本
絹ごし豆腐(木綿でも可)      140g
おろしニンニク•ショウガ      各大さじ1
片栗粉            小さじ1.5
塩              小さじ1/2

水              1000cc
酒               100cc
みりん             大さじ2
おろしニンニク         小さじ1
千切りショウガ          50g
出汁パック           1パック
(なければ、ほんだし 小さじ1)
鶏ガラスープの素(粉末)    大さじ1
白ごま•鷹の爪           お好みで


Step 1 (soup): 
Add all the soup ingredients into a pot for hot pot, and boil the soup until all the ingredients melt into water. Stop the heat and let it sit. スープの全ての材料をお鍋に投入し、沸騰させます。一煮立ちしたら火を止めて、他の材料の下準備をする。

Step 2 (meat ball): 
Cut chicken gizzard into small pieces (diced, 5mm). 砂肝を5mm角の角切りにします。
Step 3: 
Mix minced chicken and salt in a bowl, and add mixed garlic and ginger, diced chicken gizzard, chopped green onion. 鶏ひき肉に塩を加えてよく練り、砂肝、おろしニンニク•ショウガ、刻んだ万能ネギを混ぜ合わせる。
Step 4:
In another bowl, mix tofu and potato starch well until the tofu become airily and fluffy. 別のボールに豆腐と片栗粉を入れ、豆腐がふわふわになるまで混ぜ合わせる。

Step 5:
Mix Step 3 and Step 4 together in a bowl, and make meat ball shapes. Ready for a hot bot now. ステップ3と4をよく混ぜ合わせ、お皿に盛る。団子型にしておくと、お鍋に使いやすい。

Step 6:
Enjoy your hot pot with the soup, meat balls, and your favourite toppings =)  あとは、お好みの食べ方でお鍋を楽しむのみ!

*Caution: Chicken gizzard need a bit longer time to cook compare to other meats! Make sure to cook the meat balls well in a hot pot please! 


In my next post, I'll post some other ways of using this fluffy and crunchy meat balls

It's winter!
It's Hot Pot season♡

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ready for Halloween?

I'm not sure if I'm gonna wear any costume but I will enjoy the Halloween for sure♡ To enjoy the Halloween season, I made a Halloween lunch boxes with Pikachu and Hallo Kitty =) These are one of the best lunch box I've ever made…! 
ハローウィンは、いよいよ今週の金曜日です♪ 私は忙しいので、今年はコスチューム着れないかなぁ。でも、ハローウィン弁当は作りましたよ!個人的には、最高の仕上がりだと思います。

At first, I was gonna make only Hello Kitty… then looked so lonely ='(   ...and Halloween is an event to enjoy with friends…


So I made a Pikachu as her friend! The lunch box was filled with full of joy☆ Cute Cute =)

2人でいると、パーティー感がでますね♪ 初めて見渦中を作りましたが、意外と簡単だったのでちょくちょく作ろうと思います!

Trick or Treat?
Pikachu or Hello Kitty♡